There are so many things to remember to say and do and be before an interview, but what about afterwards? The interview process does not stop after you walk out the door or click end on a Zoom call. 

Have you made it a habit to send thank you notes to the persons who interviewed you? If the answer is no, you are not alone. According to TopResume, almost one-third of professionals that were surveyed did not send a thank you note after every interview, with 7% sharing they have actually never sent one. Let’s talk about how important thank you notes are, and why you should maintain or develop the habit of sending them.  

Thank you notes are a short, sweet way to prove that you are interested in moving forward in the interview process. Thank you notes, when written correctly, have the potential to show that you are: 

  • interested in the role you just interviewed for or spoke to a hiring manager about,
  • grateful for the time the person spent speaking with you,
  • reflecting on the conversation and can recall key, relevant points, 
  • offering a skillset that is valuable to the client.

Thank you notes do not have to be a five paragraph essay with a thesis and conclusion. A thank you note can be as simple as a few sentences. It could be in the form of a brief email or a handwritten card or note. It should include specific information such as: 

  • why you are interested in the position,
    • “I feel this position is a great fit because…”
  • why you enjoyed speaking with them,
    • “I enjoyed learning about your sales process…”
  • how you will bring value to the organization, and
    • “I have sold to similar decision makers/ companies…”
  • what you hope is the next step,
    • “I would love to move forward in the process….”

Thank you notes are a great way to put yourself back in the minds of those you spoke with. You give them another reason to remember you. Thank you notes are also a great way to add any information that you did not get the chance to say during your interview. Getting in the habit of sending thank you notes is another great way to set yourself apart from other candidates who are interviewing, and further sell yourself to your potential future employer.