This year is coming to an end, and 2021 opens up a whole world of opportunities. Did you know that ZipRecruiter sees the highest volume of job postings occur in January each year, with listings rising typically 15% from December (CNBC). Looking to hire, but not sure of the best time? Let’s explore the benefits of hiring in Q4 versus hiring in Q1.  

Pros of Hiring in Q4: 

Decreased competition: With January and February being the most popular hiring months according to Business News Daily, hiring in Q4 means decreased competition within the market of candidates. With a significant decrease in job postings, your opening may grab more attention than if it were posted in Q1. 

Starting Off Strong: Hiring in Q4 means starting out stronger in Q1. Prepared with qualified and eager candidates, hiring prior to the new year allows time for candidates to get adjusted to your organization. This in turn could make candidates more confident and productive by the start of the new year, boosting overall company productivity rates sooner. 

Leftover Budget: Maybe your organization has an unused amount of budget available in Q4. If this is the case, hiring in Q4 may be the best solution. Utilizing a leftover budget for new candidates allows you wiggle room to bring in top talent.

Pros of Hiring in Q1: 

Fresh Budgets: Maybe Q4 was financially strenuous on your organization, and hiring someone was not a realistic possibility. Hiring in Q1 allows more flexibility with fresh budgets, and plans to allocate financial resources. 

Employee Engagement: With the holidays in the rear view mirror, candidates most likely have had some time off at the end of Q4. This means that candidates will be less likely to take time off after the holidays during Q1, allowing them to move ahead without interruption.

Larger Talent Pool: Candidates may not want to start a new position until after the New Year, as holiday times tend to be busy. With people looking for a fresh start, hiring in Q1 may open up a larger pool of candidates who are seeking new opportunities. 

If you are looking to grow your business, hiring a new employee could be a great start. Whether you are looking to hire in Q4 or Q1, Sellers Hub is here to help. We guarantee top sales talent that will help take your organization to the next level.