Are You Struggling To Close Client Deals? 

Practice makes perfect, but time is money. In the sales world, if you do not get the client, someone else will. 

The market is more competitive than ever, so now is the time to perfect your approach with clients. If you find yourself missing the mark when it comes to closing deals, these tips can help you improve your sales process to produce better results and more revenue. 

Timing: Are the people that you are speaking to actually in a position to make a buying decision right now? Timing is everything. You want to make sure that the people you are speaking with are actively buying. Meetings with potential new clients are great as you are promoting your company, but this can become time consuming and take away time from others in the market who are ready to move forward now. Carefully assess if prospects are looking to make a buying decision now or if they are proactively researching for the future. If they are only researching now, document when it is more likely that they will need your product or service and follow up at that time. Try to focus your time on meetings with clients who are closest to buying.

Dealing With Decision Makers:  Are you dealing with the right people? It is great to get your foot in the door and your company name out there, but you want to make sure that you are speaking with the right people within an organization. Spending time speaking with the wrong people will result in meetings that produce no results and no revenue. Also, you will likely have to explain about who you are and what you do multiple times. By taking the time to thoroughly research the organization on their company website and platforms such as LinkedIn, while also having a solid sales pitch on why they should work with your organization, you can ensure that your time prospecting and having meetings will be well directed and productive.

Asking Better Questions: Are you asking targeted questions? There is a difference between asking questions, and asking targeted questions. Asking targeted questions allows you to understand where the client is coming from. Here are some examples of targeted questions. Are there other competitors/providers you are considering, if so, who are they and what do you like about their product/service? So you know whether or not the client is working with anyone else and where you’re at in the sales process. Asking better questions will help you navigate through any concerns efficiently with the goal of closing more deals!

While there are many different ways you can improve your sales strategy, the overall goal is to generate more revenue for you and your organization. Using these tips will help you do that and develop your brand with potential clients.