We understand, the conversation can be awkward. Did you know that according to Randstand USA 54% of the 1,200 American workers surveyed said they have never negotiated their pay?

We are sharing some of our tips for negotiating your salary to help you be confident in earning the salary you desire.

Be Prepared: Do your research far in advance on what the average salary for the position you are interviewing for, in the area you are in. What do the typical packages include? What does the commission structure look like? Having a number beforehand gives you a foundation to build on. LinkedIn Salary, Glassdoor and Payscale allow you to breakdown and explore real salaries. 

Analyze: Take into consideration all factors. Are you relocating to a higher cost of living area? Smart Asset offers a free Paycheck Calculator system. Are there bonuses or commissions that you are walking away from at your current position? Is there sufficient vacation time and benefits, or education programs and courses? All of these factors add value to you as a professional, in turn adding to the value of the opportunity.

Know Your Worth: Give them solid reasons to pay you a higher salary. Do you have a record of being a Presidents Club winner, or have you received awards and recognition? Mention any specific skills to show your successful track record. A lot of people say they want more money, so give the employers reasons to pay you more. This includes what you did and what you will do, things to quantify an increase in compensation. 

Be Firm: Make sure to pinpoint an exact number and avoid using a range. Giving a range may lead the person you are speaking with to jump to the smaller number in hopes that you will accept. Being firm in what you need brings you closer to attaining what you actually want. 

Be Interested: Make sure to let employers know that you are seriously interested in this opportunity and specifically why. This can include expressing your desire to help the company grow, being well researched on their industry and market. Employers like candidates that are enthusiastic and interested in making an impact at their organization. 

With these tips you can professionally negotiate the salary you desire.