There are so many factors that go into hiring a candidate. Unfortunately when things turn out differently than planned, there is a lot of money that can be lost. 

Does working with recruiters sound too expensive to you? Sure there are fees involved, but have you considered the effects of a bad hire? According to CareerBuilder, 74 percent of companies who made a poor hire lost an average of $14,900. Here is why working with a good recruiter can benefit you, and why making a good hire is so important. 

Larger Talent Pool: When looking through applicants, you are only getting one segment of the market. Headhunters go after people with relevant experience and they have a high quality talent network of potential candidates. Some candidates who are not actively searching for a job, but may consider yours if approached in the right manner. This opens up the opportunity to bring in highly qualified candidates that knew absolutely nothing about your company or opportunity. 

Understanding: Good recruiters take the time to understand your company culture. They know exactly what types of people work there, their different personalities and what drives those people. From that deep understanding, a recruiter will be able to see how each candidate would be a fit within the company from an educated perspective. This avoids trial and error with direct applicants.

Tools: At Sellers Hub, we use high quality recruiting software such as LinkedIn Recruiter, LinkedIn Navigator, CATS.one and so on to continually bring in fresh top talent. The software we use allows us to stay connected with as many candidates as possible. Using Sellers Hub connects you to all of these candidates. 

Time: Benjamin Franklin said it best, “Time is money.” Finding a quality candidate involves reaching out, coordinating schedules, interviewing, providing consistent feedback, and so on. This process can take away from your time or your employees’ time that could have been spent on tasks that generate revenue for your company. Working with a recruiter will save you both time and money, knowing the candidate presented to you has already passed the crucial qualifications and is an overall fit. 

We are here to help you. With Sellers Hub, it doesn’t cost you anything to compare our candidates. We are a contingency based firm, which means we work for free to find you top talent. You only pay if you successfully hire one of our candidates. 

To schedule a free hiring consultation, contact us at https://sellershub.com/contact-us/.