Did you know that the sales industry has the second-largest gender gap in America? 

According to All Business, only 19% of women in sales are in leadership positions. In a male dominated industry, it is not surprising that women in sales avoid negotiating their salaries. Randstad published that out of a survey taken of 1,200 Americans, 57% of women have never negotiated their pay. 

Being a woman in sales takes passion, resilience and strength. Here are some tips for our sales women to use in maximizing their profit and value in an industry with a drastic gender gap. 

Negotiate: Negotiating pay can seem awkward. With women reporting earning 23% less in commission and salary than men according to Lucidchart, negotiating is crucial to attaining fair compensation. Remember to be firm yet kind. Being specific rather than using a range will express to the employer that you are sure of the pay you need. 

Keep Up: Keeping up with trends in your industry is crucial to success. Business is constantly changing and with this comes an influx of new information. Being aware of these changes and how to properly adapt to them will set women up for success in sales. Make sure to stay relevant in order to add value to your customers. 

Switch It Up: Switch up your approach will prepare you for any challenge that comes your way. This will prove that you are adaptable to different environments and circumstances. Figure out what you do well and perfect it. 

Be Confident: Being confident and knowing your product will develop you into a dynamite sales person in any industry. You may not know all of the answers, but be comfortable with that. Selling yourself first will help then sell your product or service. 

Sure the statistics say women are at a disadvantage in the sales industry. With these tactics, you can excel in sales in any industry or situation that comes your way.