There is no doubt that things are changing. Here are some tips and tools Sellers Hub has put together to help you increase your customer base, generate more revenue and maintain successful customer relationships virtually. 

What we have found works: 

  • Calendar links

People are busy. Calendar links are a quick and simple way to ensure when and how you are going to be speaking with your customers.

Benefits: It solidifies a time that works best with both schedules at the click of a button.

Sellers Hub Likes:

Calendly. Integrates with Gmail, is an easy plug in extension and the #1 meeting scheduling software. 

Basic: Free    

Premium: $8 per month

Other tools:

HubSpot Calendar, YouCanBookMe

  • Contact Detail Tools 

Allow you to easily access phone numbers and email addresses that are not readily found in online profiles. 

Benefits: Increase your productivity and give you access to better prospects, overall allowing more time to nurture the relationship. 

Sellers Hub Likes: 

Lusha. Lusha is a chrome extension that allows you to find contact details such as email addresses and phone numbers easily. It is free to try, and you will love it. 

Basic: Free  Professional: $39 per month 

Premium: $49 per month 

Enterprise $69 per month 

Other tools: 

Skrapp, ZoomInfo

  • Email Trackers 

An email tracker does exactly that. It’s a method used to monitor the delivery of email messages to recipients.


Allows you to know who has opened your email. You will be able to see that your client received your contract, product, or service you are sending. It will increase revenue by giving you a better idea of what marketing content your consumers are interested in and whom to follow up with. 

Sellers Hub Likes: 

Hunter is another Chrome extension that helps you find information. Hunter tells you who has opened your email and how many times they have gone back in to reopen any attachments. 

Other tools:

Ebsta, Boomerang

  • Email Marketing Campaigns 

Email Marketing Campaigns allow you to maintain contact with existing customers and prospects. 

Benefits: Email marketing campaigns provide targeted and personalized content. They are great for building your brand credibility and recognition. These tailored emails provide a gateway for maintaining a constant customer relationship, eventually leading to sales. 

Sellers Hub Likes: Autopilot

Free 30 day trial. 

Silver: $49 per month

Gold: $149 per month

Platinum: $49 per month  

Other tools: Mailchimp, GetResponse

Relationships drive revenue. Of course we want to see who exactly is listening to us. How do you develop close business relations in the COVID-19 environment? These various tools can be used to build great customer relationships whatever the circumstance, grow your business and bring in more revenue.