Do you ever look over a company’s website and still not understand what exactly they do? 

Prospective candidates want to know what you can do for them and what the opportunity is for their career. If they are not immediately sure, they are going to move on to the next opportunity that will let them know.

Questions that should be easily answered in your job posting: 

  • What problem(s) do you solve? 
  • Why would someone want to come work for you? 
  • How are you going to better my life and or career? 
    • Education? 
    • Room for growth? 
    • Work from home? 
    • Company benefits? 
  • What makes your company better or different? 

Below are some tips to include in job postings and conversations with prospective candidates to ensure attracting the talent you want:

  • Share some success about your business. For example, how much your sales team has grown revenues YOY. What percentage of the market does your business hold? 
  • Include in plain sight key accounts signed. For example, we partner with companies such as Coca Cola and help them do XYZ.
  • Outstanding reviews. What are people saying about your product/service? How has it helped them in their life and or business? 
  • Awards Achieved. Everyone loves an award.

The bottom line is to be clear and concise. If you are not giving people reasons to want to work for your company, they simply will not want to work there. Sell your company to candidates. Doing so will attract the talent you want and need in order to grow your business.