Interviewing can be overwhelming, but it really doesn’t have to be. Don’t fret, Sellers Hub has put together our top Interview Tips for candidates. 

The interview begins the moment that you walk into the building. It is important to present yourself as professional at all times. This can be as simple as watching your posture in the waiting room, maintaining eye contact, smiling at other employees you come across and being focused and present. 

Things you can do before your interview: 

  • Prepare your 30 second elevator pitch
    • Be ready to tell the employer both personally and professionally what you have been doing and what you are looking to do in your next opportunity.
  • Research the company beforehand
    • As simple and straightforward as this may seem, it’s crucial to show you care about both the position and company. Make sure to look at the company’s LinkedIn,  read through the job description and website to gain a solid understanding. 
  • Prepare 10 questions 
    • Many of your questions will be answered throughout the course of the interview. It is valuable to have some left over by the end of the conversation. Ask questions that show you are trying to determine if you will be successful in the role. 

Towards the end of your interview: 

  • Ask if the interviewer has any questions, concerns, or red flags. You are looking for any reason they would not move forward in the process. This gives you an opportunity to highlight relevant experience that may not have been recognized. This also proves you are willing to ask hard questions, an important quality of a sales person. Note that how you respond demonstrates your ability to receive feedback. 
  • Given that you like the role, ask what the next steps are. 
  • IMPORTANT: Follow up email & Thank You. Shockingly, a lot of people do not do this. This email can be used to sell yourself again, and explain why you are good for them now that you have a better understanding of the position.

We know interviewing can be tricky. These tips along with staying calm, cool, and collected, will help further you in the interview process.