For an average job opening, only 2% of applicants will be asked for an interview (Go Remotely). Out of all applicants, why should someone hire you over anyone else? 

Let’s talk about selling yourself. Selling yourself takes preparation, confidence and determination. You can sell a product or service, but what about selling yourself? The tips below will help you to successfully sell yourself. 

Know Your Strengths: If you don’t know your strengths, nobody else does. Are you excellent with sales for a specific industry? Have you successfully sold to similar decision makers, products, or deal sizes? What are your top 3 skills? Have a prepared elevator pitch on yourself that explains what you can offer the employer. 

The More Specific, The Better: Avoid giving vague answers by carefully preparing your answers beforehand. Tell the story of how much revenue you produced for previous employers and how you tailored your sales initiatives to fit the market. Always quantify achievements and use specific metrics with the goal of proving your successful previous track records. 

Explain Your Process: Everyone has their own day to day processes in how they deliver their work. Explain your process and how you use it to achieve your goals, including how you have done things in the past and why. Doing so will help the person you are speaking to visualize your processes. 

Educate Yourself: How does what you are offering as a candidate match up with what the company that is hiring is seeking? Focus on their needs. Do research on the company culture and values and know how you align with them. Research any new products and services that they offer and the industries that they target and do not be afraid to ask relevant questions. By doing this, it shows your preparedness and sets you apart from other applicants.

Dress The Part: Dress for success. Look professional, feel professional. Dressing professionally will leave a positive impression on the person you are speaking with, whether you are meeting in person or via video interview. Confidence is contagious and feeling your best may help you be your best self. 

Overall, people want to know what you can do for them. Sell yourself because no one else can do it as successfully as you can. By preparing yourself beforehand and using these tips, you can sell yourself and allow your future employer to first hand understand your potential and how you will help their business to flourish.